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Welcome to Orchestra Capital L.L.P., an independent investment firm providing capital in special situations. We are delighted to have you visit our website and learn more about our unique approach to investing.The firm is headquartered in London with presence in Washington, D.C.


We provide capital in special situation private equity, debt and real estate transactions with an ability to quickly value, acquire investments and settle private equity transfers within a short period.


We understand that every investment situation is different. That is why we are committed to creating liquidity in private transactions at a fair price, regardless of complexity. Whether it’s a time-sensitive deal or a transaction requiring utmost confidentiality, we bring speed of execution, flexibility and complete discretion as better part of value to the seller. 


The firm also makes investments in fast developing companies that are at an inflection point. By providing funding for growth strategies and acquisitions, and by partnering with industry experts and management, we help these companies unlock their potential and navigate their path to success.



Orchestra Capital


Partners with founders and business leaders who consistently invest in their products and people, demonstrate the capacity for innovation, prioritize the interests of all stakeholders and wish to capitalize on market opportunities.


Collaborates and partners with other investors, sharing perspectives on business opportunities and markets, conducting due diligence and negotiating terms for co-investing.


Invests, both directly and through investment funds, in a wide range of industries, in businesses at all development stages and offers flexibility in deal structure with an experience investing across industries and geographies.


Orchestrates and syndicates investments with unconstrained capital on a deal-by-deal basis, from a roster of investors with long term investment horizon.


Thrives to bring a different perspective with a 20-year track record and diverse range of interests globally.


Plays a diverse range of roles, including money-only passive investor, board member, operating advisor and facilitator of introductions, varying from deal to deal.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss potential investment opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to the possibility of partnering with you and jointly capitalizing on market opportunities.


Orchestra provides no services via this website. Nothing on this website shall constitute or imply that Orchestra Capital holds itself out to advise or provide any other services to viewers of this website, and shall have no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any reliance that any person may place on this website. 


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